Lovely Little Moments, Uncategorized

Lovely Little Moment: morning sun, kitty paws, and birds. 

Recently we pushed the bed in our tiny bedroom against the window. It is really nice to wake up and just roll over and pull the curtains aside and watch the squirrels and birds going about their morning business. It is also really neat because every morning at 8 on the dot the national anthem (and sometimes another patriotic song) can be heard from a nearby base. It makes for a really pretty wake up. Raz is my early riser, I offen wake up to him before the sun has risen already ready to start his day, all wide eyed and bushy tailed. On this particular morning he settled beside me with our shy kitty , Gambit, to watch the birds that are finally back for the up and coming spring. He is rarely still but today , while watching birds with messy morning hair and a kitty in his arms , he was serene and seemed fully at peace. Finally after awhile he crawled over to me and gave me a good morning hug and kiss and asked me to join him in his bird watching. It was a lovely morning.


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