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Spring Forward Celebration and a Meyer Lemon Cloud Tart 

Sunday we sprung forward with the time change, welcoming later sunrises and evenings with sun! Sometimes I feel like we are the odd family out actually kind of liking time changes. Yes it does throw our routines off for about a week, but on the other hand it creates an even more dramatic way of feeling that shift from winter to spring. We are big into yearly rhythms and with Texas not having as defined seasonal weather as some places the  even more dramatic nature plan of early darkness signals our winter candle hours, while longer day lights signals evening out in the garden. Nature takes care of this for us but the time change just makes it all more dramatic. One of the little ways we enjoy celebrating little things like this is a mini feast by the fire pit. Some of our favorite times are by this thrown together fire pit.

So for our feast I worked with what we had available. I am not a meal planner, I have tried to be and I am just not. I am also not the type to run to the store between trips. I am a “Oh we have this in the garden, keep the basics on hand, this veggie looks good let’s try it, what a fun sauce what can we do with it, lets reinvent our favorite dish a billion ways” kind of girl. I have Pinterest boards full of food but only rarily do I use the exact recipe , instead I use them as endless inspiration. When we decided a mini feast was in order for the celebration I just happened to have avacodos that needed to be used NOW, Meyer lemons that caught my daughters eye at the store, more radishes then I knew what to do with from the garden , and my husband had some pork he had marinated. We decided on tacos (because tacos… you can’t say no to tacos. We reinvent tacos over and over..because tacos) with lots Radish greens and a guacamole with radishes, I know that sounds odd but  creamy avacodo with the spices earth radishes is an awesome combo.

 Then for dessert I decided to use the Meyer lemons to make a tart. My mom used to make this fruit dip with cream cheese and the filling was inspired by that! The tart is simple and the kind of thing I can throw together while my husband and I make dinner together and play with two kids . 

Meyer Lemon Blueberry Cloud Tart

3 packages cream cheese (room temperature)

1/3 cup Meyer lemon juice 

1 tbsp Meyer lemon zest 

5tbsp sour cream

1/2 cup sugar

A few small handfuls of blueberrys (are we seeing why I don’t have a cooking blog…not very specific) 

Pie crust dough ( homemade or the store bought , your call)

Begin by baking off your crust by the instructions. I shaped mine more flat to create a simple disk of crust vs a pie shape 

In a bowl combine cream cheese, sugar, lemon juice, zest and sour cream and blend until creamy, fluffy, and smooth. 

Add blueberry (this is not science…eyeball it to your liking) and fold it in gently.

Let your crust cool completely and then mound your filling on top. This could technically make two tarts but I love how the overly dramatic high cloud filling looks piled high 


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