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Lovely Little Moment: Early Spring and Buttercups 

Gustuf and Raz were off looking for little tadpoles in the nearby creek while Lola and I played under a tree. Lola had found the perfect little buttercup that she was so excited about. The sun shone perfectly and the wind was heavy and brushed her curls from her face. She soon tucked her flower in my hair (something both of my kids love to do) and asked me to help her climb the tree. The first  branch was high so I helped her onto it where she sat looking out over the little stream where her daddy and brother were. I stepped back and just watched her. She no longer seems like a toddler and her new 4 year old age has brought so much confidence to her. She leans forward in the tree but only after situating herself carefully so she would not fall. My initial reaction is to call out “be careful ” or to spot her but I hold back and from a few steps back I watch her quietly as not to interfere with her experience. She has this, she always does.  She looks behind her at me and gives me a proud happy smile and Insimply smile back soaking her pride and joy in. 


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