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Homeschooling with “homemade charcoal” 

Recently Raz has decided he is ready to learn to read so we have been making letters with everything from sticks to sidewalk chalk to practice phonic sounds.  Raz learns best with a more relaxed , creative, hands on vibe so we are always looking for new ways of doing things. We also tend to follow his lead whenever possible. My husband recently started collecting charcoal from our fire pit for us to use as an art supply (essentially the burnt wood makes a homemade charcoal that will write similar to the charcoal that is used for art) so the kids have really enjoyed helping him with that and then drawing pictures on the fire pit or leftover wood. Naturally the two merged and this has become a favorite way to do School around here! We gather around the cooled fire pit with a bucket and maybe a few Small Leftover pieces of lumber to use as writing boards and after gathering the charcoal made from the burned wood we take turns writing letters while saying the sound each words makes. It is actually a lot of fun

The charcoal has a nice texture which my sensory seeking son loves and both the kids love the novelty of kind of foraging the writing material! I also keep a mason jar of it in the house for sketching, it looks really nice on a good piece of paper 


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