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Why our family has embraced the micro adventure 

“Sometimes all you need is to climb a simple hill, to spend time staring at an empty horizon, to jump into a cold river or sleep under the stars, or perhaps share a whiskey at a small country inn in order to remind yourself what matters most to you in life.” – Alastair Humphrey

We always knew we wanted adventure to be a part of our life.  It is like the magnet for our family; no matter what happens we are one adventure away from feeling closer as a family. Here is the thing though: we don’t really have a big padding of extra money to travel. The main reason is that we have decided having me at home to homeschool the kids and not having my husband work all the time was essential to our values. Also, while we live a relatively slow life compared to many, it can hard to get away week-to-week with regular life happening. And that is why most of our week-to -week adventures consist of micro-adventures!

The term “micro-adventure ” is actually fairly new to me, but the term fits our little adventures perfectly. Alastair Humphreys coined it: go ahead and get your google on and look him up because he has a lovely outlook on fitting in adventure into small chunks of spare time while also removing other barriers such as money.

So the idea behind the micro-adventure is that you search for small pockets of beauty near you and go to them! You adventure where you can and you soak it in. I love that it takes away all the excuses and gets to the heart of adventure, exploring a place and embracing the experience.

Now here is where I mention that one of the only “rules” according to Alastair is that you sleep overnight. Like many rules our family breaks it a lot to make it fit our needs.  We love sleeping outside and do it every chance we get and I really understand his reasoning.  Is there anything like laying under the stars and waking up in nature? I think not! Having morning coffee in a beautiful nature spot that I woke up in is one of my favorite things in life! He even said once that finding a small natural spot to sleep in and then going to work rumpled but refreshed the next morning was worth it (I so agree). So I am with Alastair 100% but with two kids in tow and living in America where we have such intense regulations on where we can camp, we have accepted that a good chunk of our micro-adventures will not end with waking up in nature and instead be a day spent exploring nature in the bright sunshine, although camping overnight is for sure something we try to do often!

Maybe because we don’t always make it overnight, some of our micro-adventures are more nano-adventures! (Hahaha…science jokes are great! For those who don’t speak nerd Nano is smaller then micro so it is witty! Right? Riighhhhttttt?!)

We have many regular places we go back to and while I still consider these micro-adventures (nature is always changing; I feel that it is always an adventure even if I have gone many times before) we are always on the lookout to explore a new place! I keep a page in my bullet journal for local places we want to explore. Sometimes it may be a place a friend mentioned or we saw pictures of a nearby place that looks neat or even just a cool patch of woods or a creek we have driven past. We try to go to new places often or explore new parts of old favorites to really keep the sense of adventure alive!

So my challenge for you is to go have a micro-adventure this week! Find a place nearby and go explore. How do you keep the adventure alive? 


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