About Us

Hello! Welcome to Lovely Little Robots! If you want to get started right away our Start here page is a good way to begin or you could just jump to our blog page. But if you want to get to know more about us more read on!

Lovely Little Robots is a lifestyle blog where we share about all the topics we love. We are a nuero deverse homeschooling family that is trying to start a small urban homestead in our back yard. Join us as we try to figure out how to balance being adventurous home bodies and our messy quest to have a kind of….hopefully…. sort of aligned, slow, simple, life.

If you want to know EVEN MORE about our family read on….

My name is Bethy and I do a good chunk of the writing here. I love retro inspired floral dresses, wildflowers, bees, geeky things, gardening, and finding  (and creating) special little secret places to just be. I run a Homeschooling Forest School co-op that is my passion project and stay at home to homeschool my (maybe not so) little ones. I am dyslexic (and nuerodivergent in other ways) so you may notice that my spelling and grammar are far from perfect here, while I try to use this space to improve (your never to old to learn new things) and usually have my posts edited I also always want to be real and not stress about people finding out that I struggle with spelling. It is a part of me!

My husband Gustuf occasionally writes and does a lot of the editing for me. He is an electronic musician and retail manager and runs his own passion project 'Chiptunes for Autism' which uses Chiptunes music (music that uses various electronic devices as well as game systems that create music that resembles 8 bit game music) as well as other geeky music styles to spread nuerodiversity acceptance and empowerment as well as raise money for Nuero positive charity's! He also is the big brains behind our garden planning, a super hands on dad, and a Completely amazing husband. He is autistic and we hope to also write some good articles about nuero diverse couples and family's as well!

Together we have two little ones. Our oldest is maybe not so little anymore, he is 7. He loves and adores bugs, animals, nature science, adventure, and like any homeschooled 7 year old…Minecraft. Our youngest is 4 and she loves music and is forever singing, dancing, and banging on instruments. She also loves playing dress up. They both love being creative and playing pretend so a lot of the day is spent with them re arranging the house as they create elaborate pretend games together!